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We started our business over 50 years ago, and the beginnings were modest - we were a group of students who knew each other from Gdansk colleges together entering adulthood. Then we started our first paid jobs: we worked at student canteens, cleaned offices, produced sparkling water, and even elastic neckties! These simple jobs allowed us to supplement our student budgets, but we still expected something more ...


Some of us eventually graduated and wanted to begin developing professionally, taking advantage of our freshly acquired knowledge. Many of us were passionate about electronic and the friendships we built at Gdansk Technical University led us to believe that our future professional work could be just as thrilling an adventure as the student years. Firmly believing in the success of our knowledge and passion, in 1984 we launched a Printed Circuit Production Plant, which was meant to be a place where our knowledge of the PCB would constantly develop and where the best boards would be manufactured. Soon we'd canvassed first customers, and from them we learned how to produce circuits of the highest shelf.


In those days our processes were not complex and no sophisticated machines were used in the manufacturing process. These beginnings, however, allowed us to get to know the PCB production from scratch, and over time we developed many proprietary solutions. In this way we had become experts in the industry. Today we share our knowledge with our customers, helping them to create their own excellent products. Our customers can be sure that at any moment they can not only commission us to produce even the most complex circuits, but also take advantage of our knowledge if they have any doubts about them.


For our customers printed circuits are the foundation of their own production. It is gratifying to help them to create good quality products.


We value time and money. We want to provide our customers with products as quickly as they need them. We achieve success by continually optimising our operating costs.

  • Flammability safety certificate, Underwritters Laboratories Inc., USA
  • ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 certificate
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One of the examples of the high quality that PCB TS provides is its modern machine park. Thanks to consistent investments in equipment our potential keeps growing and the our production and technological capabilities become more and more advanced. We work on modern machines, mostly made in Germany. We have inter alia, 11 drilling machines, 4 milling machines, and 2 acoring machines.

The MODUL drill is an extremely precise machine that ensures accurate drilling. The heads' speed reaches 250,000 RPMs and it is equipped with a magazine for over 2,000 bits that make the depth contact drilling program possible.

The LM2 Schmid milling machine ensures the board dimensions repeatability, which is important for installation. It is also equipped with a CCD vision system, which guarantees the perfect hole setting in relation to the inner layers.

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LEDIA 5S imagesetter is a machine for direct irradiation of the mosaic and mask and using a UV-LED. It provides direct printing of the mosaic and mask image without the use of film, and the irradiation of tracks and distance from 30 um.

Sprint 200 printer is a highly efficient, double-head device operating in DOTStream Pro technology . It enables high-quality silkscreen: sharpness, clarity and uniformity of print on difficult surfaces by matching the printhead height to the actual panel thickness.