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Who we are

Everything started with dreams.

These dreams made a group of students associated with the Gdansk University of Technology believe in achieving success thanks to combining knowledge and passion. These young enthusiasts of electronics wanted to pursue their professional careers independently and to transform the knowledge obtained during studies in their own business. It was 1984 the year when the Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Plant in Gdansk started operating.

The first printed circuit board –

“Voltage regulator”, Gdansk, 16.03.1984

Its modest beginnings were based on simple technologies and a few machines.

However, they allowed us to learn about the process of manufacturing printed circuit boards from scratch and to improve it with time, also thanks to proprietary technological solutions.

Machine park of TS PCB – drilling hall

Currently, after more than 30 years, we are the largest printed circuit boards supplier in Poland. We co-operate mainly with business partners on the Polish market, but, thanks to opening to foreign markets, 40% of our current production is exported, among others, to Germany, Scandinavian countries, Ireland or Lithuania. The key to our success is our constantly modernised machine park, which occupies an area of over 3700 sqm. It is one of the factors that ensure high quality. Our technological and manufacturing capacity continues to grow thanks to constant investments in equipment. We offer our Customers professional assistance at every stage of realisation of their orders.


Our mission

For our customers printed circuits are the foundation of their own production. It is gratifying to help them to create good quality products.


Our vision

We value time and money. We want to provide our customers with products as quickly as they need them. We achieve success by continually optimising our operating costs.

Our team

Our team

What makes us unique is our professional team composed of top class CAM engineers, as well as a qualified team of quality, production management, customer service experts and machine operators.


We support the development of companies in such sectors as: control and measurement equipment, industry automation, assembly, railways and transport, automotive, LED lighting, navigation and GPS systems, and PCB agents. 

We are a trustworthy, reliable partner for entrepreneurs, research and development institutes, and consortia.


We guarantee quick preparation of price offers and full service through our website, including a calculator for pricing. We assist our Customers at all stages of the order.



Since the beginning of our operations, TS PCB has been co-operating with numerous sectors manufacturing printed circuit boards for many specialist pieces of equipment. The main sectors that we co-operate with include:

  • control and measurement equipment

    digital and analogue meters, temperature regulators, electric vehicle charging stations, electric power meters, scales, cameras, sound level meters;

  • medical equipment

    laboratory devices, ECG equipment, Holter blood pressure monitors, ultrasonographs, electric surgical equipment, rehabilitation treadmills, equipment for diagnosing arrhythmia, endoscopic devices;

  • industrial automation

    reduction and measurement stations, water treatment stations, pump rooms and wastewater treatment plants, combustion optimisation equipment;

  • automotive

    GPS, radio remote controls, antennas, hands-free sets, microphones, remote control devices;

  • railroad and transport

    air conditioners, information boards, LCD monitors, control panels, ticket validation devices;

  • telecommunications and data transmission

    alarm systems, radio stations, telephone switchboards, monitoring systems, access control systems.


One of the elements guaranteeing high quality offered by TS PCB is our modern machinery. It occupies a surface area of approx.  3750 sqm. We use modern machinery, mainly of German origin. Our machine park consists of over 190 pieces of equipment, including: 14 drills, 4 millers, 3 scoring machines, and 5 testers, including 3 modern A5 Neo machines.


  • Flammability safety certificate, Underwritters Laboratories Inc., USA


    ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 certificate