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Integration of the Customer’s system with our ERP

We offer integrating client systems with our ERP system, to enable first of all placing orders in a quick and automated way and processing designs to prepare pricing offers.



The absence of the stage of manually adding items to our system eliminates the possibility of errors, and your designs are almost immediately ready for further processing. Integration also allows to obtain quick feedback, e.g. concerning project status monitoring or data prom realisation pricing. This limits the need for e-mail communication to the necessary minimum and accelerates the circulation of the most important information, so that our Customers may manage their processes and make business decisions in a more quick and efficient way.


We have great experience in integrating IT systems with use of XML files, WebService, or creating links between database systems.


It is possible to implement a data exchange interface adjusted to the possibilities and requirements of the Customer’s system.


What makes us unique?

  • Experience in systems integration with use of XML files and WebService
  • Automated placement of orders and requests for quotations
  • Eliminating the possibility of errors
  • Fast communication

We enable the implementation of a data exchange interface adapted to the possibilities and requirements of the Customer.
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