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The summary of sponsorship activities 2019


The cooperation with the scientific circles and student support is almost sentimental for us.   Techno-Service S.A. TS PCB was set up as a student work cooperative. Therefore, we are always happy to support young engineers who come to us with their ideas.   In 2019, thanks to such...

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E-racing car with TS PCBs


The Cracow University of Technology MECHPOWER creates from scratch an electrically powered racing car designed to participate in Formula SAE series.   Students create the whole vehicle from scratch. They design, among other things, suspension, all the electronics and steering. Their ambition...

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The TS PCB circuit boards support robot wars!


TS PCB circuit boards will be used to produce starter modules and pilots in this year's Robomaticon robots tournament.   Thanks to them, it is possible to start a fight between two robots at the same time. This is of particular importance in the “sumo” competition, during which...

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Project ANTARES of SimLE and Space Medicine of the University of Zielona Góra


The ANTARES project is being carried out in co-operation with the Scientific Society for Space Medicine of the University of Zielona Góra and the SimLE Scientific Circle.   Its purpose is testing the effect of a moderate dose of cosmic radiation on human tissues. The research aims...

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Circuits from TS PCB in the Mars rover


We are pleased to inform you that the next Scientific Circle with which we started cooperation is the KN of the Unconventional Vehicles OFF-ROAD.   It works at the Department of Engineering Working Machines and Industrial Vehicles at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wrocław University...

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The drone with TS PCB board – cooperation with ETI students


Students of Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics and students club SKALP have developed the drone construction in which the board produced by TS PC was used.   Quadcopter is a multirotor helicopter carried and propelled with use of four motors. It size does not exceed...

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Cooperation of TS PCB with SimLE scientific club


In scope of cooperation with scientific clubs we’ve made printed circuits for SimLE requirements - one of the biggest students’ organization on the Gdansk Technical University. This is a group of 60 people from different Tri-City universities which gathers science enthusiasts and allows for realization...

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