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New machines

The machinery stock: CIMS Galaxy AOI Systems optical tester


The CIMS Galaxy AOI Systems optical tester is the first TS PCB investment in the machinery stock this year. The purchase of the new machine starts the implementation of this year's plans related to the development of the machinery stock and the increase in the production capacity of the plant.     In...

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Machine park: SCM 411 scoring machine and another A5Neo tester


The new SCM 411 scoring machine is our first investment in machinery park this year. We also purchased another A5Neo tester.   SCM 411 has 2 moving cutters for linear cutting of the printed circuits surface. The major advantage of the machine is a measuring system that uses integrated camera...

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A5 Neo tester


A5Neo tester has 8 fast moving measuring probes (flying probes) for testing printed circuits with use of the resistance, capacitance and mixed method. As an entry data of the nets and nods list the system accepts files in IPC-D-356A format.   In contrary to the Ultim8 and Loc8 class testers...

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Machine park: Vacuum press


No modern machinery park for producing printed circuit boards can do without a vacuum press.   It allows for the making of: – plates with copper in internal layers exceeding 105 micrometres, – orders exceeding 8 layers, – multi-layer boards on non-standard laminates...

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Machine park: Silkscreen printer


We are pleased to announce that we've completed the implementation of a new SPRINT 200 screen printer by Orbotech. The machine has replaced our previous SPRINT 100 printer.   The most important features of the new device are: – high print quality (resolution up to 3 mils) with...

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Machine park: drills


We are pleased to announce that in January our production plant was expanded by three new drills made by German-based Schmoll Maschinen. Now we've got as many as five of these modern machines. These are extremely fast drilling machines with automatic feeding packets for drilling, which drill with...

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