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A5 Neo tester

A5Neo tester has 8 fast moving measuring probes (flying probes) for testing printed circuits with use of the resistance, capacitance and mixed method. As an entry data of the nets and nods list the system accepts files in IPC-D-356A format.   In contrary to the Ultim8 and Loc8 class te...

LM2 milling machine with the tool cooling system (cutters)

The effective and optimized task of the machine is machining of production formats - cutting out panels or individual pieces of pronted circuits boards.   LM2 milling machine allows for increased milling accuracy thanks to the automatic camera-based function. Compared to other machines of...

Pumice scrubbing machine

The task of the pumice scrubbing machine is to ensure proper roughness of the production format surface before the process of the anti-solder mask application.   This is achieved by using the pumice-slurry and equally pressing the brushes which automatically adopt to the thickness of the...

Vacuum press

No modern machinery park for producing printed circuit boards can do without a vacuum press.   It allows for the making of: – plates with copper in internal layers exceeding 105 micrometres, – orders exceeding 8 layers, – multi-layer boards on non-standard lam...