Privacy policy


---> Current information on the implementation of orders <---


Referring to the current situation during the increased epidemiological COVID-19 threat we would like to inform that:


1. We communicate with our clients and partners only by email.   

Customer Service Office, Logistics, CAM&Technical assistance team started to work from a home office without the access to the office landline phones. All our email addresses are available on the contact section on our website.


2. We have limited all the visits to our plant to necessary minimum - only employees, couriers, suppliers of production materials are allowed to enter plant area.


3. We have limited our internal meetings.


4. Hired cleaning company performs additional tasks related to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the entire plant.


5. We have suspended the option of personal pickups.



We try to fulfill all orders in accordance with the agreed schedule.

Please pay special attention to the e-mails with information about shipping dates, including the automatic messages.



Due to the still very high production load, we keep the surface limitation for express lead time orders – they can be no larger than 1 square meter.


Despite all taken actions, the current epidemiological situation has an impact on our daily work. Due to the quarantine of few production team members, we are forced to suspend for 2 weeks the receipt of express LT orders with chemical gold cover. In express LT we can support only PCBs covered with lead-free HAL.


We hope for your understanding and we ensure that we do everything to restore production flow as quickly as possible within each of the processes.


We will keep you informed about all changes.


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service Office.