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The drone with TS PCB board – cooperation with ETI students


Students of Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics and students club SKALP have developed the drone construction in which the board produced by TS PC was used.


Quadcopter is a multirotor helicopter carried and propelled with use of four motors. It size does not exceed 10 cm x 10 cm. Thanks to a rigid frame it does not deform during the flight which makes controlling it easier. Small dimensions of quadcopters allow for using them in closed compartments. They are excellent scientific tool for performing studies in such domains as: navigation, real time systems, robotics, control theory. In the last few years many scientists proved that those vehicles can perform very complicated aerial maneuvers, the swarm of such robots can fly in formations without the problem, erects the structures from previously prepared elements or perform other complicated operations.


Quadcopters are moreover quite cheap and simple in construction, thanks to which they are a perfect solution when making first steps in robotics.