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The summary of sponsorship activities 2019


The cooperation with the scientific circles and student support is almost sentimental for us.


Techno-Service S.A. TS PCB was set up as a student work cooperative. Therefore, we are always happy to support young engineers who come to us with their ideas.


In 2019, thanks to such cooperation, we made over 60 prototype circuits, which took part in 4 events popularising mainly the knowledge about robots and 3 projects related to the construction of electric cars, an atmospheric probe and a Martian rover. Thanks to these projects, we met young talented people from universities and schools in Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow and, of course, our home town of Gdansk.


We are pleased with the increasing level of advancement of projects implemented by students and graduates and their excellent organisational and substantive preparation. Thank you for 12 months of joint work, and we would like to wish you only great ideas for the coming New Year!


The organisations we worked with are as follows:

The Automation and Robotics Scientific Circle -


SimLE –

Skalp Robotics Association -

AGH Racing -

Integra Scientific Circle -