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Construction of a new part of the TS PCB Plant


In the spring of this year we started the construction of a new part of our Plant at Benzynowa Street in Gdańsk.


A modern hall with an office segment with a total area of 727.44 m² will be erected on an 1882 m² plot.


Due to the fact that this area is in a depression, the new building will be positioned on 215 piles, each 12 to 16.5 m long. The production space will include posts for mechanical processing, testing, final inspection and shipment, together with the warehouse. In addition, the Customer Service Office, the Quality Management Department, the CAM Section, the CAM Support Section and the Logistics Section will be transferred there. It is also provided that the facility will include management offices and two modern conference rooms.


The new building is an important element of the plant's development - says the Director of TS PCB, Mr. Andrzej Wałachowski. The existing infrastructure is already insufficient and does not allow for improvement of the existing technologies or implementation of new ones. The expansion will allow transferring of a part of the production posts to the new premises. This will enable improving the working conditions and further development of these production stages, while at the same time the areas vacated in the old building will be partly used for the modernization of other production facilities, and partly for further development. In this way, we will periodically modernize our infrastructure and adapt it to any new technological and organizational challenges. The second important aspect of the plant's expansion is its organizational merger, that is, the transfer of the Customer Service Office and the CAM Support Section to the production plant, which will improve the flow of information and the work organization.


The construction of the hall and the office section is scheduled for completion in mid-2019.

All information related to the progress of work will be published on our website on an ongoing basis.