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Information about changes in lead time


In order to meet your expectations regarding the notification of changes concerning standard order completion dates, in connection with the Chinese New Year, which runs from February 15-21, we have prepared a special set of FAQs.

We hope that the questions and answers will be helpful for your queries considering the order lead times.



1. How to confirm order realization in standard delivery time?


Orders placed both via e-mail and a form on the website are confirmed with an automatic e-mail message that each time contains:

  • order number,
  • PCB name,
  • order realization time, defined as a specific week in a year. 


The appearance of automatic e-mail reply with order confirmation:


 2. How do I confirm the express realization of my order?


Orders placed both via e-mail and a form on the website are confirmed with an automatic e-mail message just like in the case of standard delivery time. To confirm a specific date of order realization, please contact our Customer Service.


3. Is the delivery date of the order available in the form on the website always up to date?


The date that you can choose from the order form on the website is not always valid. It is difficult to predict the duration of the peak production period so it may not be possible to ensure the delivery in accordance with a specific date chosen by the Customer on the form. The confirmation of the date can be found in an automatic e-mail response generated each time after placing the order. You can also confirm the date by contacting our Customer Service.


4. Why did my order not arrive on time?


If there is no delivery by the agreed deadline, please verify once again the promised delivery date included in the automatic order confirmation. Please also pay attention to all e-mails you may receive that include information about the changes in the delivery date. Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service.


5. Why did I not receive an automatic order confirmation e-mail?


Please check you SPAM folder. If you did not receive any information, please contact our Customer Service to verify your e-mail address.