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Towards the Industry 4.0 – our latest article in the magazine "Elektronik"


In the October issue of the "Elektronik" magazine an article was published in which we analyse the production of printed circuits in the context of the Industry 4.0.


"Smart factory" is a slogan that has been appearing for a long time in foreign trade press. It is also being more and more often mentioned in the context of domestic industry. Full automation of production seems to be the only right direction for the development, the fact that is slowly becoming noticed also by the Polish entrepreneurs.


The latest article in "Elektronik" presents and analyses the degree of process automation in our Plant.


The main benefit resulting from the application of the Industry 4.0 solutions in TS PCB is the integration of many systems into one organism- emphasizes the author of the article, Dariusz Załęski.


Thanks to the use of automatic data flow solutions between individual production areas, we have the opportunity to reduce costs while maintaining flexibility, which in turn allows personalization of products and services.

Benefits resulting from the perspective of customer service include, for example: optimal ways of placing orders, exchanging data related to them, preparing dedicated quality reports, shipping reports, etc. From the production perspective, important is the fluidity of processes, which is enabled by intelligent systems for the supply, prediction of damage to machine components, alert system – all this in order to prevent failures. The entire process has also minimized areas where data is entered manually. The vast majority of information is provided exclusively in electronic form.


The entire article is available in the July issue of the "Elektronik" magazine.


Enjoy the reading!