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Machine park: SCM 411 scoring machine and another A5Neo tester


The new SCM 411 scoring machine is our first investment in machinery park this year. We also purchased another A5Neo tester.


SCM 411 has 2 moving cutters for linear cutting of the printed circuits surface. The major advantage of the machine is a measuring system that uses integrated camera which enables automatic reference positioning of the mechanical system for circuit diagrams. Thanks to this the need for manual positioning of scoring line with regard to the tessellation was eliminated. It is particularly important when it comes to multilayer plates that require the introduction of scale for drilling.


Also, the scoring machine software reduces the distance between two cuts to almost zero. SCM 411 scores with the speed up to 40m/min while maintaining high precision of adjusting the scoring line to the circuit diagrams. The machine has a liquid-cooling system, which increases the durability life of the knives, especially for aluminium laminates. This reduces the need for frequent replacement and servicing of the knives, enabling smooth production process in the machining area.