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Machine park: Silkscreen printer


We are pleased to announce that we've completed the implementation of a new SPRINT 200 screen printer by Orbotech. The machine has replaced our previous SPRINT 100 printer.


The most important features of the new device are:

– high print quality (resolution up to 3 mils) with DotStream Pro Technology system,

– ease of use and low failure rate,

– optical shaping with the ability to adjust to the actual mosaic size with accuracy up to +/- 35 µm,

– UV-LED lighting, the characteristics of which is maintained at a constant level throughout the lamps' life (constant lighting quality),

– progressive numbering of printed circuits according to a pre-set scheme.

A great advantage of the new device is its high throughput while maintaining high print quality. This makes it possible to increase the production capacity without board quality compromising.