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April is the month of helping!


The Hospice Foundation activity is very dear to us. Last year we had an opportunity to co-host and participate in a cyclical musical event organized by them, called Głosy dla Hospicjów (Voices for Hospices).


We are all the happier to contribute to the Pola Nadziei na Pomorzu event (Fields of Hope on Pomerania), which focuses attention on hospice visions throughout Poland. Every year, volunteers dressed in yellow collect money for hospice centers. The thank you for the gift is the daffodil. The aim of the action is to collect money for hospices. Money from the collection in our voivodeship help, among others, the Dutkiewicz Hospice for Children and Adults in Gdańsk.


We also raise money by putting in our facility a can into which any one can make a donation for this noble purpose.



We also decided that 1% of the value of the production series permanent documentation and the launch of the TSka prototype series, which will be earned in April, will be transferred to the Hospice Foundation in Gdańsk.



 You can read more about the Pola Nadziei na Pomorzu HERE.