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The impact of the coronavirus epidemic in China and Europe on the situation of TS PCB Techno-Service S.A.


In response to numerous enquiries from our customers, we explain how the coronavirus epidemic and its consequences connected with the suspension of work in Chinese PCB plants have affected and still affect the situation at the TS PCB plant.


The celebration of the Chinese New Year was planned this year for the period between 24 and 31 January. Still, due to the epidemiological risk, the interruption of work was extended throughout China by an additional week. In many plants, due to the quarantine, work has still not resumed.


The suspension of production in China has led to many orders being redirected to European manufacturers, including TS PCB.


Despite several weeks of preparations for the break connected with Chinese New Year's Day, we were very quickly forced to extend our deadlines, as the orders we received went well beyond our standard production capacity. By January we have started working on weekends and extended the work by the third shift. Thus we used all possible means to support our regular customers in this challenging situation.  However, even this does not allow us to maintain two or three week delivery times.


At the date of the publication of this information, the first possible standard completion date is the second week of May, but the situation is so dynamic that it may change at any time.


We still accept orders on express terms, however, with limited space and only on selected dates - as part of an express order, we can process orders not exceeding 1 m² in size, and the deadline cannot be shorter than 5 working days. In the case of express orders involving complex technology, the shortest possible completion date is set individually.


We must also emphasise that we have not yet received all order confirmations for production materials - in case of delayed deliveries, there is a risk of additional extension of currently offered deadlines.


Since we know perfectly well that printed circuit boards produced by us are the absolute necessity in the production performed by our customers, it is extremely difficult for us to offer such extended deadlines. However, despite our best intentions, we are not able to further increase our efficiency. All that remains for us to do is to hope that this complicated time will soon come to an end and that we will soon be able to return to standard work with short deadlines.


We will keep you informed about all changes in order execution.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Desk.