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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: Theme of the month - multilayer PCBs


CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG in June will focus on multilayer PCBs.   We will write about :   Their correct design, structure and the ways of construction, The materials needed in stack-ups, The relation between the thickness of PCB and it’s tolerance, The stack-up preparation...

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: Accepted file format for printed circuit board designs


The commonly accepted file format for printed circuit board designs is the Extended Gerber RS-274X with drilling files in Excellon format. TS PCB TECHNO-SERVICE S.A. also accepts the following file formats: Gerber RS-274X2 ODB++ Eagle BRD (up to 4 layers) Mania-Barco...

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We also applaud and support university science clubs!


In cooperation with SKALP – the automation club at the ETI faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology – we are creating the ŻUKBOT: a versatile agricultural robot that can be used for such tasks as navigating among field beds, weeding, and seed sowing.   Meanwhile, the Mechatronics...

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: PCB design – only Eagle?


One of the most popular tools for designing printed circuit boards includes EAGLE software, but is it the only alternative, read more on blog --- ► HERE.  

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: How to correctly design panels for small circuits?


Two parts of the article discuss various methods of the mechanical processing of panels with regard to producing small circuits.   Part first ---► READ HERE Part second ---► READ HERE

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Machine park: Vacuum press


No modern machinery park for producing printed circuit boards can do without a vacuum press.   It allows for the making of: – plates with copper in internal layers exceeding 105 micrometres, – orders exceeding 8 layers, – multi-layer boards on non-standard laminates...

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