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PCB project

We accept these files for PCB projects: 
1. Extended Gerber RS-274X/X2,
2. ODB++,
3. Eagle BRD*,
4. Gerber RS-274D + apertures in separate file,
5. Mania-Barco DPF,
6. GraphiCode GWK.


*Due to the variety of formats and layer settings, we strongly recommend to export GERBER files by yourself. This allows to avoid any discrepancies resulting from the individual configuration of the Eagle software.
In case of problems with generating the GERBER files, please follow instructions available in Download section (link). The instructions show the scheme for generating GERBER files according to Eagle’s standard layer settings. If a custom layer configuration has been used in the project, please select the appropriate layers by yourself. If a layer stack has been specified in the project, please send it (e.g. in png format).
We suggest to check  your project exported to GERBER format using an online GERBER viewer tool (e.g. Please send us all exported files as a reply to this email.


Yes, the files are verified in accordance with our procedure:
- DRC (Design Rule Check) analyze, 
- checking of drill program correctness, 
- checking of soldermask layers, 
- clipping of the silkscreen on pads and outside ouline.
We will contact you if we encounter any problems.


The offer "Prototype TSka"is especially dedicated to PCB design engineer, who would like to check the project correctness before ordering the production batch. It allows to order PCBs with production start-up costs included (without standard setup costs).
Lead times are:
– 1-sided and 2-sided PCB: 7 working days (express – 4 WD),
– 4-layer PCB: 9 working days (express – 5 WD).
Maximum order surface is 12 dm2.
Minimum dimensions of a single PCB is 40 x 40 mm.
For more information please click here.


Each project is individually priced based on the inquiry. Please send an inquiry to or use our online calculator for prototypes and 5 LT.


The pricing involves many factors, e.g. number of layers, additional components (gold plating, peelable mask), complexity and quantity. Each project is individually priced based on the inquiry. 


The day will be considered as a first day of lead time, if the order is placed before 9.00 am (working day).
Orders with 24 hours production time must be placed before 13.00 pm (working day).


Orders placed both via e-mail and a form on the website are confirmed with an automatic e-mail message that each time contains:
- order number,
- PCB name,
- order realization time, defined as a specific week in a year. 

The appearance of automatic e-mail reply with order confirmation:


Orders placed both via e-mail and a form on the website are confirmed with an automatic e-mail message just like in the case of standard delivery time. To confirm a specific date of order realization, please contact our Customer Service.


Please check you SPAM folder. If you did not receive any information, please contact our Customer Service to verify your e-mail address.


Lead time from the advance payment starts with the payment being deposited into our account.


We issue advance invoices, which include order specifications, to the received prepayments. If an advance invoice includes a full payment for sn order, we issue a certificate of acceptance with a number of a relevant advance invoice. Advance invoices concern financial settlements, including VAT. The transfer of goods and their acceptance takes place via a certificate of acceptance. The certificate shall have the same legal effects as an invoice. After issuing a certificate, a final/settlement invoice shall not be issued.


The deliveries in Poland are carried out by DHL and the customer may specify the delivery method while placing the order, e.g. collection in person in Customer Service Office or other carrier.


If there is no delivery by the agreed deadline, please verify once again the promised delivery date included in the automatic order confirmation. Please also pay attention to all e-mails you may receive that include information about the changes in the delivery date. Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service.


Yes, there is a possibility of sending your order to a given address. Please include this information while placing your order.


Please send the claim via e-mail ( with detailed problem description, photos, etc. Within 24 hours from the claim, our employees will contact you to establish further proceeding.


The system of internet customer service does not allow the registration of two users under the same NIP number. In order to register into an already created account, you should provide your password and login.  If you lost your password, you should use the option of password recovery ("You've forgotten your password?"). If you lost both your password and your login, please contact the Customer Service in order to add user to a company account.


Yes. In order to do that, you should submit your request to


The date which can be chosen in an order form on the website is not always valid. The duration of the production process, especially during a big production load, is hard to foresee. Assuring a particular date chosen by a Customer may prove to be impossible. The confirmation of the date is included in an automatically-sent e-mail generated after placing every order. The date can be also confirmed by contacting the Customer Service.


No, the information about a different delivery address and other invoice data have to be entered in a proper place of an order form.