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A5 Neo tester

Dariusz Załęski

A5Neo tester has 8 fast moving measuring probes (flying probes) for testing printed circuits with use of the resistance, capacitance and mixed method.

As an entry data of the nets and nods list the system accepts files in IPC-D-356A format.


In contrary to the Ultim8 and Loc8 class testers from Gardien company the production format is located in the draw and tested in the horizontal orientation. Such solution ensures compact and decreased structure of the machine. Moreover, application of fast and simultaneously light servomechanisms which in quite untypical way move the probes (reassembling arachnids’ legs) allows for a significant decrease of vibrations and low noise operation. Used state-of-the-art equipment solutions (information in English) allows for the testing time shortening. The other advantage of the A5Neo system is a program prediction of the testing time which is available after compilation of a dedicated control program.


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