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Machine park: drills


We are pleased to announce that in January our production plant was expanded by three new drills made by German-based Schmoll Maschinen. Now we've got as many as five of these modern machines.

These are extremely fast drilling machines with automatic feeding packets for drilling, which drill with an accuracy of ± 1 mils (0.0254 mm).

These devices are equipped with:

– high speed drilling heads (up to 250 thousand. rpm)

– laser control of tool (drill) length and diameter

– Contact Bit Detection system for real-time tool control and drilling to desired depth (blind vias)

– feeding magazine for 20 packets

– magazine for 2200 tools with smart management system

With the packet feeding magazine and the tool magazine the drilling operation is continuous (the machine keeps drilling while the operator retools). These drills will especially help us in the manufacture of multi-layer circuits, which already today account for the majority of our PCB output.