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Manufacture of printed circuits in harmony with the natural environment - legal requirements

Elżbieta Klecha, Łukasz Romik

The generation, storage and disposal of waste at TS PCB is mainly regulated by the waste generation permit.


It contains a brief description of the manufacturing technology (type and parameters of the plants that are the source of waste generation), and defines the types and acceptable amount of hazardous waste and other waste anticipated to be generated during the year.


The document classifies waste on the basis of its chemical composition and properties by assigning codes to various types of waste (Regulation of the Minister of the Environment - on the waste catalogue, with a special designation of hazardous waste). The permit also specifies the method and place of storage as well as an indication of the methods of waste management. It defines the scope and method of monitoring the size of its emissions, as well as indicates tools aimed at preventing or limiting the volume of waste emissions, and thus, minimising the negative impact on the environment.


All waste generated is subject to electronic records. Each type of waste has its own record sheet, where weight of waste generated and forwarded for utilisation each month is recorded, among other things. At the same time, its total weight is verified and checked that it does not exceed the level allowed in the permit. In the event of exceedance, new permits for waste generation are requested.


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