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Does electrical test allow for detection of shorts as well as opens?

Yes – performing the electrical test is a guarantee to make 100% good boards. Orders in which it is required to perform the electrical test we are testing completely (all circuits). We use for this an independent testing device - nail tester (adapter), finger testers and tester of so called pr...

What is the minimum thickness of the laminate on which V-cut scoring can be applied?

V-cut scoring involves cutting the laminate to a certain depth (on one side or on both sides of the plate) to allow it to be later broken off from the panel. It is usually described with two parameters:   Incision angle (standard 30°), Non-v-cut scoring thickness. Thickn...

What is the standard diameter of cutters? What are other diameters of cutters available in TS PCB offer?

Outer edges of PCB are milled by standard tools with a diameter of 2.0 mm. The use of such a diameter allows to shorten the time of milling and increase its accuracy. In order to mill edges at long distances, do not use smaller cutters because of the difficulty in obtaining high milling accuracy (to...

What conditions should be fulfilled so making blind vias in the project was possible?

► Definition:   Blind vias are holes drilled only to a certain depth of the printed circuit. This way they allow to connect a given external layer with a chosen internal layer/layers without necessity to drill through the entire thickness of the circuit. On the below illustration, th...

What are the dependencies for multilayer PCB thickness values and their tolerances?

The base thickness of laminate for multilayer PCB normally includes the total thickness of the core(s) with base copper foils: external and internal.   The maximum allowable tolerance for the final laminate thickness is ±10%. precise PCB final thickness with tolerance resu...