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Automated Analysis of PCB Designs

The time of order fulfilment and the speed of price offers delivery is one of the main factors, in the PCB industry, that determine the choice of manufacturer. Shortening the physical processes occurring during the production of circuits is very difficult, sometimes even impossible. It is relatively...

Unusual applications of PCB and laminates

The applications of printed circuit boards and laminates can be very diverse.   The limit is only the ingenuity of the constructor and the ability to use the available technology of printed circuit board manufacture. In next few articles we will describe: - the extended functions o...

Theme of the month - Manufacture of printed circuits in harmony with the natural environment

Over the next few weeks we will concentrate on the subject of eco-friendly PCB production. Our blog will write about: - waste classification, storage and disposal, - legal requirements, - wastewater pre-treatment plant, - recycling, - environmental solutions. If you want to read...

Theme of the month - Solder masks in printed circuits

Over the next few weeks we will address the subject of soldering masks in printed circuits. Our blog will cover: - types of masks and their basic functions, - the process of their application, - performance specifications, - mask designing.   If you want to read more, like...

How to optimize machining of printed circuits? - part 2

In this part of the article on the machining of printed circuits we will describe the most important parameters conditioning the milling time and rules of proper preparation of the process itself. In further part, we will address technics allowing for it optimization. Presented information will allo...

Theme of the month - Testing process

In October we will focus on a part of printed circuits production: testing process. Read on to find out more & like as on FACEBOOK  !

Summer news

So it's a great time to take a look at the topics in the industry press which interested us in July and August.   Welcome to the holiday publications overview! The following industry portals are especially considered by us: http...

Theme of the month - VIAS

In August Circuit-Expert Blog will focus on a specific element of printed circuits: vias.   We will summarize characteristics of buried, blind and plugged vias, we will describe vias types according to IPC norm and conditions that need to be met already at circuit design stage to be abl...

Electric cars on Polish roads, a tale of the modern automotive industry

To the question that until recently kept appearing regularly in specialized press i.e.: Does electrification in European automotive industry accelerate? there only remains one correct answer: undoubtedly yes.   On the one hand information on increasing number of cars with electric drive...

Theme of the month - PCB parameters

In July we will concetrate on the parameters of PCBs.   We will wrirte about:   - their basic parameters, - termic parameters, - moisture absorption, - their electrical paramteres.   We will be also interesed in next prodution stage which is the preparing fo...

News about us!

We are noticed by professional web portal elektronika The positive opinion about our blog activity gives us pride and joy!  

Theme of the month - multilayer PCBs

In June will focus on multilayer PCBs. We will write about : Their correct design, structure and the ways of construction, The materials needed in stack-ups, The relation between the thickness of PCB and it’s tolerance, The stack-up preparation with MultiCal program.  ...

Cooperates with students’ research associations

We support our students: SKALP – students association from Gdańsk Technical University, which creates the agricultural robot called ŻUKBOT. MECHATRON - students learning circle for Poznań has made the Linefollowerem Grinch - robot, which competes during the robotics festival like fo...

Technological challenges in PCB production

Each year proves that European PCB market is more and more demanding. Industry analysis and reports as well as signals from domestic producers show it without a doubt. The general tendency to minimize electrical objects, expansion of high technology into almost every sphere of life and the non-sto...